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Digital, interactive, social, mobile, and apps are all playing an increasingly important role in enabling new capabilities and connecting people. With time and budgets at a premium, and growing remote and global workforces, a blended approach to employee onboarding and training is a must.

Root Inc. delivers interactive computer-based training solutions in flexible digital formats that support planning and analyzing strategies and initiatives, rolling out those strategies, sustaining learning and skill building, and evaluating the success and effectiveness of a training curriculum.

You need more than words on a page to ensure a commitment from your employees to engage in, understand, and support any new initiative. “Interactive” means engaging people. More than “telling” via one-way communication, true interactivity is about creating a dialogue among individuals. Active participation and contribution become key facets of the individual training and communication process and experience.

Root’s digital and interactive web-based training solutions integrate with your learning management system (LMS) and encompass a variety of complementary mediums, including methods for delivery via mobile devices and tablets for anytime, anywhere access.

Digital Interactive Solutions from Root Include:

  • Small-group and individual web-based training to help engage employees to think, learn, and synthesize knowledge
  • Gaming and computer-based training simulations that allow employees to practice, reinforce, and apply new skills using real-world examples
  • Creative training that engages employees, including promoting key imperatives, informing them about updates, sharing information, and providing logistical information

About Root Inc®

We bring your business strategies to life by focusing on your people. Root’s solutions enable organizations to deploy strategies successfully, create broad transformation or culture change, execute large-scale skill building, develop more effective leaders and managers, and find the bright spots in your business.

We do this by bridging the communication, process, skill, or functional gaps keeping your business from achieving expected results. Our methods engage your people’s heads and hearts – because you need both to get the job done. Just ask the 800+ organizations worldwide we've helped accelerate strategic outcomes.


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