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ROQED is a global educational technology company that provides an immersive environment to fascinate learning physics, chemistry, biology, industrial engineering, mining, machinery, medicine and health care. Set of various applications that contain 3D models and scenes available in more than 21 languages.

Currently, ROQED products are present in more than 37 countries and translated into 21 languages.

List of products:

ROQED Science is a comprehensive package of detailed interactive experiences for learning and exploring hundreds of detailed and fully dissectible 3D models for biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.

ROQED Physics is a virtual experimental Physics laboratory. ROQED Physics covers K-12 education in the physics program and contains experiments in kinematics, dynamics, molecular physics, electric circuits, magnetism and optics sections.

Mechanicum 3D is an educational and engineering universal platform for developing 3D courses and virtual reality applications, a program for monitoring operation, maintenance and repair, and a system of digital industrial assistants.

Pathology3D is a new generation 3D screen simulator designed for studying the courses of general and specific pathological anatomy. The constructor allows simulating pathomorphological changes that are typical for various diseases and syndromes on interactive 3D-models of organs.



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