Sara Morsey Outsider Artist

Professional voice narration for your project, recorded to your specifications, edited, and mastered in-house and sent to you. Earned degrees in science, dentistry, education, and theatre.

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1784 SW 36th Place
Gainesville, FL
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Sara Morsey doesn't want to be the star of your project. She wants to make YOUR VOICE come through. Sara is versatile with language and dialects and has the ability to translate many years of professional acting onstage to e-learning and audiobook narration. While studying for her Master of Fine Arts degree at The University of Louisville, Sara passed the audition for and became a professional narrator at the studios of The Library of Congress/American Printing House for the Blind. Over the next three years she recorded over forty titles there. Sara has been a professional actor (AEA) in the American regional theatre for thirty years. She is committed to bringing the spoken word to life and has trained to do so.