Our French transcription services include French business data transcription, legal transcription, audio and video transcription, medical transcription, academic research transcriptions.

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French transcription services

The process of converting an audio to text by a transcriptionist to make this modern society easier to understand is called transcription. Well, we all have a dream to achieve something bigger in our life by inspiring someone irrespective of the language, color, country, religion, etc. Also, we would have a wish to meet them once in our lifetime to know more about their life.

But it is obviously difficult to meet and understand the person who has inspired you for long when he is totally from a different country. To break this difficulty of understanding others, there come transcription and translation services. For example:  As a person from India, if you are inspired by the young President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, you would obviously love to listen to his speeches from public events. With the help of French transcription service, there is no difficulties and deviations in understanding your favourite icon’s French-language speech video.

Thus, through French transcription services, the recorded French-language speech is converted into text format and is then translated into your preferred language for easy understanding. This text document is then used for future reference without losing any exact details from the meeting.

There are many online transcription services exists in the world to make our life so simple and understandable. Here are eleven ways in which online transcription plays a vital role in a wider range of industries, hobbies, and professions that include:

1.      Legal Transcription

2.      Academic Transcription

3.      Market Research Transcription

4.      Lecture/Presentation Transcription

5.      Sermon Transcription

6.      Keynote Speeches

7.      Podcast Transcription

8.      Business Transcription

9.      Video Transcription

10.  Medical Transcription

11.  Dissertation Transcription

People generally prefer quick and cheap transcription service for their projects in order to save time and money. Because of this reason, they choose an automatic transcription tool for their project and mostly ends up in dissatisfaction. This is because, an automatic transcription tool cannot identify different speakers, accents/dialects and lacks in accuracy and quality. But when you choose manual transcription services, humans are well trained in reviewing, typing and polishing their transcripts. This can eliminate the errors and achieve accuracy in the greater level.

So, if you are the person looking for French audio transcription, at Scripts Complete, we have highly trained native transcribers to transcribe your audio files into multiple formats in quick turnaround time and without losing any accuracy.

All our French language transcription services are starting from $3.99/min. We also have discounts for bulk order. We not only provide French transcription, but we also deliver transcription service in 100+ languages with the help of our highly professional transcriptionists in a safe and secure manner.