Sheila Wood Voice Over Production

Here you will find a voice that is clear, smooth and reassuring. With over 20 years experience in the business world, Sheila has a solid grasp of corporate communication.

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5440 Tulip Ave
Portage, IN
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Smooth, warm, clear and professional. These words describe the voice of Sheila Wood.

Friendly, soothing, and calm characterize not only her voice but her demeanor as well. She can provide both a smooth voice and a smooth experience through clear communication and quality service.

Professionally trained in business, music, voice over and audio production, Sheila brings a well rounded background to each project. Whether reciting poetry, narrating storybooks, singing, or serving as a church lector, she has been comfortable performing behind a mic her entire life.

With confidence, talent and intelligence, all these vocal experiences are combined to bring your words to life.

Provide your script, directions, and pronunciations via email, and she will return a broadcast-quality audio recording in your preferred format.