Sheree Wichard

A versatile & distinctive alto sound that will bring warmth, confidence and sincerity to your script. Or . . .

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New York
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I'm an experienced voice over artist with a distinctive and versatile alto sound that conveys confidence, warmth and sincerity. I'm also a trained actor, and I can easily create an infinite number of characters and bring a little sass, sarcasm or a wink to any script that calls for it.

They say that everything we do in life is transferable, and I credit the many years I spent as a public relations & marketing consultant for teaching me the importance of telling a story in a way that is simple, engaging and human...and in a way that will register most effectively with a particular audience.

I have a professional home studio, and I record with a Sennhesier 416 mic and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface.

In addition to elearning, I've recorded TV & radio commercials, corporate videos, Internet videos, podcasts, audio dramas, video games, audiobooks, promotions, and more, voicing projects for Aetna, Altice Optimum, Tide detergent, Bank of America/U.S. Trust, Toyota, Baskin Robbins, Chicago's Goodman Theatre, Michigan Education Trust, Chicago's Goodman Theatre, among many others.

I'm a real city person who craves the country from time to time, and when I do, I head to the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts with my husband and two sons (one human and one canine).

And, if you're curious..."Sheree" is pronounced like the wine, and "Wichard" is "wish" and "hard" combined. Enough said.



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