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Tailored e-learning courses for manual workers in manufacturing companies (working procedures, processes, HSE, onboarding).

SimpleJohn offers both the creation of online tailor-made lectures, and a learning platform on which to run the entire program.

We focus on the essentials

When creating a training we connect our know-how in the field of training with your expertise. Thanks to that we manage to deliver a very specific customized training supporting the daily work of your employees. Our consultant works closely with your experts and leads them through the process from the identification of key issues up to the creation of the content. We know how to ask the right questions and collect only the most essential information for each training. Therefore workers do not waste time studying materials which are irrelevant or too detailed for their work.

We communicate clearly and visually

Our goal is to achieve maximum clarity. After completing a training each worker always needs to be sure of what to do and how to do it. Therefore we demonstrate each working task or process interactively with the support of instructional videos showing everyday situations from your production. One two-minute-long video is more understandable and time-efficient than a ten-page-long manual, which nobody reads anyway. One training lasts about 10 minutes. A half-year-long educational program made up of 20 trainings takes only 3.5 hours of actual time.

We care about the results

Each employee has their own login and carries out the training, when he/she finds free time at work or at home. In the event of machine failure or when waiting for material, the worker gets educated and it does not cost the company any of the employee’s time. Each lecture includes test questions, which the worker must answer correctly to successfully complete it. Questions and answers are randomly generated, so you can be sure that the workers who pass understand the topic. The employees receive a certificate confirming that they have completed the training in person, which acts as a proof if necessary. After a certain time period, we can once again test the staff in the specific subject of the training and based on their knowledge reassign or edit the lecture.


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