You can now attend industry-leading training courses from anywhere in the world. Skillsum specialises in live online training, where you directly learn from and interact with a live expert instructor

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Many times, while pursuing our professional careers we forget our skills. You can be the best version of yourself only if you love what you do. SkillSum helps you unleash the best in you. We often wonder about our true potentials. Figuring out where our best self is can be the first part of the puzzle. Our hobbies can become the best-suited profession because we enjoy doing it more than our mundane professions.

SkillSum offers you courses that can truly transform your life. You can enjoy and love what you do at the same time. Your profession need not be boring at all. Courses offered by SkillSum are wholesome and will help you achieve professional success at any given point in time.

SkillSum offers 18 courses across multiple verticals and they are -

Wedding Planners
Floral Artists
Business Analyst
Wedding Photography
Event Management
Pet trainer/Pet Products Manufacturer
Garland Making and Silk Thread Bangles Course
Interior Design Course
Car Rental Business
SEO, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing
Business & market research
Custom Clothing
Online Teaching
Celebrity Stylist
Fashion Choreography
Private Detective
Bridal Package
Traveller and Local Guide

Our industry-leading courses can be tapped into from any corner of the world. All you need is an active internet connection. Remember that our courses are never pre-recorded. You can always stop your instructor and ask questions while you are learning. Interacting with your instructor in a two-way communication style is best for you.

Top features of SkillSum courses -

Online mode
Educator support
Pause the course
Course materials & useful links
Certification at the end of course
Flexible timings
Learn from industry leaders and their experience
Apply your newly acquired skills
Learn at your convenience and pace

SkillSum is the best way forward for so many. You can restart and rethink your career with us.