Skylab Italia

SkyLab Italia offers own technological products and consultancy to companies world wide. The company has been using the cloud as a tool for the distribution of its solutions.

Founded in
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 88
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+39 011.19719391

SkyLab Italia is an established international company engaged in the distribution of application solutions in cloud. It offers highly innovative and proprietary technologies designed for SaaS, that guarantee cost optimization, operational efficiency and performance. The answer to customer needs is always the result of experience, efficiency and punctuality.

SkyLab Italia uses the AGILE methodology, a prototypical approach, that provides step of frequent and measurable interaction with the customer: this ensures a full control over the entire life cycle of a product.
The impulse that animated SkyLab Italia was born from the idea to offer a complete package of solutions in terms of technology design and consulting services in order to meet the needs of highly flexible and dynamic customers.

The mission, that keeps on guiding every new challenge, is to create a system of partners, subsidiaries and target market, through the following activities:

  • commercialization of the products developed in-house
  • development of technological solutions (SkyLab Italia products) on the national and international territories
  • distribution of services in the modality Software as a Service (SaaS)

SkyLab capital was set by:

  • Claudio Brunod: born in 1967 in Ivrea. He started his entrepreneurial activity in ICT in 1995, founding Setup Information Technology S.r.l. that proved to be an innovative buisiness able to support clients of enterprise profile in the transition to web as the main tool of management. In 2006 he founded SkyLab Italia, accepting the challenge: to become pioneers in Italy promoting the services through paradigm of Software As a Service. At the present Claudio is the CEO and mentor of the society.
  • Christian Pedergnana: born in 1974 in Turin. In 1999 he started his collaboration with Setup Information Technology, contributing to the constant growth of know-how and the successful development of the company. Partner in SkyLab Italia, today he acts as Chief Business Developer Officer of services supplied by SaaS.
  • Massimo Lomen (Tesi S.r.l.): born in 1961 in Ivrea. He’s been working in the field of Business Process Outsourcing and Professional Training for years. Partner in SkyLab Italia, he acts as Chief Financial Officer.
  • Giovanni Allasia (SkyLab Tech S.r.l.): born in 1978 in Moncalieri (TO). He began his collaboration with Setup Information Technology in 2002 first as a simple trainee and then, later, in the following 15 years becoming an important figure both in Setup and SkyLab Italia where in 2011 he was appointed as CTO. Since 2015 he’s been in charge of Andromeda area. Partner in SkyLab Italia he shares his great passion for innovation and technology with his colleagues on a daily basis.