SoundStamp is a translation & dubbing/voice-over manufacturing company based in Tangier (Morocco), and has recording facilities in all the biggest cities of the Kingdom: Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

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Residence Alia, Bloc C, N26, Route malabata
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Our approach is primarily in a co-development relation because we are aware of the importance of a singular and powerful sound universe to stand out in a congested market context. For this reason, we are particularly attentive to the identification of your needs as well as the understanding of your values ​​and the peculiarities of your projects.

Our strength of proposition is based on a common conviction which constitutes the thread of our philosophy: the sound universe is a powerful generator of emotions! That's why we put all our creativity and our technical mastery in the design of sound universes carrying meaning and vectors of emotions to mark the spirits.