Globally experienced American English-speaking voice actor well suited to conversational e-learning projects, as well as complex, technical narration in manufacturing, medicine, and technology.

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Ann Arbor
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Todd Stark is the Founder and CEO of StarkVO, as well as Stark Consulting Group.  He is a U.S.-based, American English-speaking voice actor with a warm, articulate baritone delivery. His work has become a popular choice for conversational, natural-delivery on e-learning projects, as well as other forms of narration, including projects requiring complex, technical narration in manufacturing, engineering, medicine, and technology.

Todd Stark has successfully completed countless projects in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations, to private enterprises, non-profits, and investor groups. Stark also has an extensive global business background and has travelled to over 100 countries around world.  He employs this experience in every project to ensure the highest quality client results, technically and culturally.