Stephanie Matard Voice Over

What do I do? I turn your e-learning project into something engaging and interesting. I am a creative, caring, communicator, or otherwise known as a voice actress.

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9 Rue de l'Église
27110 Sainte-Colombe-la-Commanderie
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+33(0)7 77 95 33 64

In 2008 Stephanie Matard left the Unites States to work as an Actress with ACLE in Italy.

While she was there, her goal of learning Italian was squashed by a need to learn French, because she had met a French Actor named Luc Matard.

Luc and Stephanie fell in love, and they decieded to live and work in France. In 2010, Stephanie Matard moved to France and she left the acting world for a corporate environment in order to add value with her English speaking skills.

In 2017, Stephanie decided that she needed to follow her dreams and she was thrilled to discover the world of voice acting. Stephanie Matard could now live her dream of being an actress, through her voice, and add value to her clients all over the world.

Today, her clients range from Lancôme, LVMH, TOTAL, First Finance, and more!