Steve O'Brien Voice Actor

I'm your guy if you're looking for a genuine, friendly, authoritative voice that can add meaning to your script! My turnaround time is quick and I'm glad to schedule a live-directed session.

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Steve O'Brien is an accomplished voice actor representing some of the biggest brands in the world including BMW, Merck, Fujitsu, Microsoft, AT&T, and more. He has also teamed up with clients all over the globe and is experienced in matching his voice to VO in other languages. Steve's voice has been called genuine, friendly, confident, and energetic. His training includes working with acting coaches Marc Cashman, Nancy Wolfson, and Kate McClanaghan. As a voice actor, Steve is all about collaboration and supporting his partners by being eager to take direction, easy to get ahold of, and turning around your project quickly and accurately. Steve O'Brien can give you a custom audition for your next project!