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Eduporium is a new and unique EdTech start-up whose major mission is to deliver cool technology to the kids, parents and teachers of our developing K-12 communities and set them up for success in the 21st century. You’ll know you’re getting top value because we search for and handpick only the best cutting-edge technologies to implement in schools. All of our innovative learning tools boost creativity while bolstering the ever-important STEAM

To eliminate the gap between procuring useful learning technologies and the struggle to cope with costs, we have assumed the role of facilitator and, more importantly, enabler. We work to ensure that no kid has to settle for mediocre learning due to high costs of EdTech products. With academic discounts as high as 80 percent, we’ll level the playing field and ensure that every child has access to learning with engaging, modern technology.

Schools love our products, and our traveling technology petting zoo is a new kind of mobile, tech-testing tour for sampling them in action! Broken down into grade-specific levels (PK-4, 5-8, 9-12), our zoos contain eye-opening tech that will enhance learning for all. We show up at schools and let everyone test it out on the spot. All the animals from our zoo help specific age groups learn while fostering specific sets of essential skills – and we love showing up with a bag full of goodies to create this incredible opportunity for learning and growth!

Say teachers or students really enjoyed one of our petting zoo products and want to keep it around for a little while longer, our pilot testing program is perfect! We let them try out a product or group of products to decide if they might want it for their class, help inform other educators and spread the word at the same time. It’s the perfect win-win for
EdTech lovers!

The best part is that anyone who creates an Eduporium account is eligible to purchase one academically discounted product per year. Students, faculty, parents and schools can join and have their pick at any number of cool
tech tools. We’ll also offer school administrators use of our customizable portal so they can track progress and verify new users immediately while we meet all their other needs!

At Eduporium, we work just as hard on our site as we do at providing new products, constantly updating it to provide an awesome user experience! We are in the process of redesigning our pages as EdTech resources broken down
by grade level to better correspond with our petting zoos. Our eStore is easily navigable and if there’s something missing you’d like us to offer, we’ll try our best to get in in there!


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