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SUPERB Learning is an innovative content development and training business focused on better training, better outcomes by working with organisations to develop modern and creative learning solutions.

SUPERB Learning takes all the best industry practises in learning design and development and combines them into one simple to follow standard that can be applied to any subject matter, learning activity or situation. Each letter of SUPERB introduces a concept that has been documented and researched as being essential to facilitating modern and creative learning by not only learning and development professional but industries such as psychology and business. All material developed by SUPERB Learning must adhere to our learning standards and philosophy. Superb standards are Story based, User Experience, Performance, Evaluation, Relevant and Bite sized.

SUPERB Learning doesn't focus just on elearning, rather looks at a blend of the best possible methods to provide a superb learning experience.

SUPERB Learning uses (and is the Australian partner for) an internationally recognised learning platform known as Curatr for the delivery of innovative and engaging learning programs.


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