Susan Hohman Voice Art

When you need something youthful, vibrant and unique that will be remembered. Toddler, teen, young adult and character voices are all available. Why not keep your viewers engaged in your next elearning content by keeping it interesting and fun.

Founded in
Bucks County
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(267) 225-3456

My voice has been my calling card for years.  Some may forget my face but they always remember my distinctive youthful voice.  It's been described as friendly, upbeat, quirky, refreshing and fun.  I often spend my days talking as a toddler, a teenager or occasionally as an old witchy woman.  There are a few boys along with the girls in my vocal entourage.  I enjoy creating characters with my clients and am always open to new ideas.

I am a professional artist with a BFA in Fine Art and and Art Instructor and I love to use my art and teaching skills in my Voice Over career.  Elearning, How to Narrations and Museum Tour guides are all things my background helps  me excel at.