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Syandus is leading the development of immersive technology for skill-based performance.  Learn-by-Doing

Over the past 15 years, we have developed proprietary immersive learning solutions for our customers.

Big News!  Based on customer demand, we added authoring capability to enable your team to build content within the AliveSim platform. We even built in our proven development process, so your designers are productive from day one.

National Science Foundation Awards

Syandus won 8 NSF awards for its work developing cutting-edge immersive learning platforms.

Introducing AliveSim

The industry's first Virtual Practice & Coaching Platform to move skill-based training online

AliveSim is the next generation platform for 3D simulations with built-in content authoring, and decision analytics.

Create practice scenarios that immerse your learners in 3D scenes with interactive, conversational characters, dynamic decisions, and embedded coaching.

Your situations. Your talk tracks. Your decisions. 

AliveSim is a modern cloud-based platform delivering 3D interactive experiences to learners on any web enabled device, including phones.

The platform delivers insightful analytics on each decision, mapped to your performance gaps. Use results to improve pre- and post- training efforts.

AliveSim's new authoring capability allows your team to leverage the power of 3D game technology and immersive learning methodologies without any coding. Syandus' proven production process is embedded, so your designers are productive from day one.

Built in AI-driven voice and language translation give organizations global scalability at a lower cost, in less time. These tools also create the flexibility to make changes and track them across languages.

 AliveSim Enables Organizations to Move Skill Development Online with Advanced Immersive Technology


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