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We are a New York City-based fee-for-service, instructional design firm committed to the creation of custom online/blended courses and degree programs for colleges and universities that are affordable and best in class.

We offer a comprehensive approach to develop learning experiences that are pedagogically strong, focus on student needs, and are hand-crafted for academic excellence!

We believe that the quality of online courses can be a real brand differentiator for institutions and help boost student success rates, that’s why we use a highly customized approach that emphasizes:

1) Expert instructional design
2) Cutting-edge multimedia production
3) Personalized faculty assistance
4) Collaboration with internal teams
And, above all, ensuring full control over content and budget to our partners!

Not surprisingly, Antioch University Online and LIM College have consistently chosen us to deliver excellence in online learning for their students.

We understand that online learning is not just about expanding enrollments. Done right, it can extend your institution’s reach into new markets, offering your students greater flexibility and access in their studies.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing portfolio of online courses, develop new courses, or even introduce a full online degree program, we can move your vision from concept to reality — quickly and affordably.


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