Tawny Platis Professional Voice Over LLC

I'm Tawny Platis, a full-time professional voice-over artist in San Diego, California. Clients include Marks and Landers E-Learning, Similac Formula, Sara Technologies, Sawyer Products, Tencel Fibers, the Runtastic Fitness app, and more!

Founded in
4700 Williamsburg Lane
San Diego
Contact details
(619) 597-8027


  • Custom Isolation Booth
  • Constructed With The Assistance
  • of Dan Lenard.
  • Mojave MA-201 Microphone.
  • Apollo Twin Audio Interface.
  • Adobe Audition.

With the unique experience of being a child film, TV, and theatre actor in addition to owning my own successful retail store for seven years, I understand and exceed your expectation for exceptional customer service, professionalism, and lightning fast project completion.
I was active as a child in theater and film until graduating from high school. I then began my first business, starting a retail store immediately after graduation.

This has given me a unique perspective that allows me to understand both sides of the working relationship, including the real-world importance of customer service, marketing, professionalism, promptness, and dedication to excellence.