TechChange is a social enterprise that helps organizations and companies build beautiful and engaging elearning courses.

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If we are to effectively respond to the most pressing challenges facing humanity we need new educational solutions for technical skills-building and global collaboration that leverage the full power of the internet and the explosion of more powerful and affordable personal devices. Over 90% of the world is now covered by a cellular network and 30% of the world has access to the internet.   We also need a model where and the abilities, skills and knowledge of each and every participant in an online course are valued and shared equally. That is to say, the pedagogy (how we teach) and the technology (the medium through which we teach) must come together and work in unison. At TechChange we’re working to make this vision a reality.

TechChange is a social enterprise (certified B-Corp) based in Washington DC that builds online courses for individuals and organizations on topics that matter.

Dubbed by the Economist as ”the Geeks for Good”, TechChange has trained over 50,000 alumni from 198 countries and worked closely with over 150 social sector organizations (UNICEF, USAID, The Malaria Consortium, Ashoka, Engineers for Change, Catholic Relief Services, etc.) to design the next generation of online educational experiences for the sector.

To build our courses we combine the abilities of four teams with complementary skill sets:

  1. Creative content: We have an in-house graphics and animation studio that creates assets for courses.
  2. Educational and instructional design: We have a team of educators who facilitate courses and curate the educational experiences
  3. Software and programming: We have a tech team that supports a our custom software for organizations to deliver their courses.
  4. Data Science: We have a team of data scientists working to capture learning data points, analyze data more effectively, and create powerful visualizations.

The TechChange model for online learning in social change has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Economist, and Fast Company.