Terri Nicole Voice Overs

You and your team have worked tirelessly on your eLearning course. Partner with voice talent and educator, Terri Nicole, to bring your course home like no other can.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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Be sure your courses hit home with Terri Nicole Voice Overs. Terri specializes in voicing elearning courses for corporations, schools and government entities.

Terri is a former Senior Education Specialist, improv-based and traditional corporate trainer and classroom teacher and her unique background and experience make her a great asset in helping companies ace their eLearning training outcomes. She is able to lift the written word off the page, connect learners with the learning objectives and captivate listeners from start to finish, which is critical to eLearning work.

Terri holds a Master’s in Technology, Innovation & Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also boasts several knots on her head from learning things the hard way, and it is her pleasure and honor to share what she has learned with others.

Terri is “not just a pretty voice,” but a black and woman-owned recording studio located in Atlanta, Georgia on a mission to help Corporations, Schools and Government Agencies achieve authentic connections with their target audience by creating compelling voiceovers that get the audience to lean in. Terri performs across several genres, including TV and radio commercials, explainers, documentaries, promos, and eLearning.