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Discover eLearning Solutions for Education Innovation

Our expertise in eLearning Solutions empowers us to create the best corporate and educational content across a wide range of instructional design challenges. Since 2015, The Farthest Pixel has specialized in interactive media and game development to offer our clientele the most innovative educational solutions for their specific needs. As an online course developer, we specialize in eLearning animation, audio and video production, eLearning simulations, course designs, and eLearning gamification to bring our clients the best online learning experience.

From custom eLearning course development to strategizing how to structure an educational course design, The Farthest Pixel and its team of skilled experts is here to help. 

The breadth of services and capabilities offered through The Farthest Pixel and the process we use to develop learning solutions are what sets us apart. Instructional design is often approached wearing just one hat – that of an instructional designer. The Farthest Pixel believes it is important to include individuals with a range of skillsets and experiences in the early stages of project analysis in order to land on the ultimate, optimal solution. Online learning and immersive environments today include an enormous range of technologies. These are growing and changing every year. It is critical in developing lasting learning solutions – those that translate into the application of new knowledge – that organizations begin with the most up to date, skilled educational service provider to ensure a sound investment of their instructional dollars.

Amanda Robertson has worked in the educational design industry for more than twenty years and is founder and CEO of The Farthest Pixel. Holding an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and with graduate studies in educational and cross-cultural media design,

Amanda has long studied how education theories and advances in modern media and design, partnered with a global Internet, can mimic and augment the natural ways we learn. Amanda focuses on strategic solutions that enable clients to not only solve the problem at hand, but identify ways to scale and contribute to broader organizational challenges: solutions that participate in and contribute to best practices in leveraging the latest in learning technologies around the globe.

Many of our services work in unison to bring you the optimal solution. We provide a variety of services and options to align with a range of diverse budgets and time frames. As a pioneer custom eLearning solutions provider, The Farthest Pixel specializes in different types of media to address a wide range of design and educational challenges. We look forward to helping you discover the instructional design service that will best serve your specifications!


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