Tom Zainea, Audiobook Narrator & Voice Actor

Tom's stage credits include Regional, and Off-Off Broadway appearances, as well as characters for Web MD, and Exxon Mobil, and Narrated over 20 audio books. He's recently added eLearning, IVR. His new Anchor podcast is Tom Reads Your Story.

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Voice, Stage, and On-Camera actor Tom Zainea offers a rich, versatile male voice for any audio project. Originally from Michigan, he started dabbling in Voiceover locally in the late 1980's, and expanded gradually after he moved to NYC in 1995. Despite only a small living space as most starving actors have, he built a small home studio and began recording audiobooks.  He now has around 20 available on His regular VO gig has been as the voice of Weitz & Luxenberg law firm, NY's biggest Personal Injury Law Firm. He has recently branched out into IVR and eLearning projects, to add to Commercial and general video availability.