Traininng LLC

Traininng is a provider of world class online professional training in the areas of regulatory compliance and healthcare. Traininng is the preferred learning destination for professionals from around the world.

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161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216
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Traininng has trained thousands of professionals from around the globe through its online web seminars (webinars), which are offered in both live and recorded formats. The training that Traininng offers carries several advantages:

The training courses are flexible: professionals can take up a training course at a time of their suitability

They are convenient: professionals who take up online webinars from Traininng can do so from the utmost comfort of their preferred location. They don't have to travel miles to have their training needs met

Traininng's courses are highly relevant to the industry: since Traininng's courses are designed and developed by industry experts, there is no better way to learn to understand the needs of the industry than through these experts. Many of Traininng's experts have worked with regulatory agencies such as the FDA and the EMA, and have actively participated in the formulation of many regulations passed by these agencies.

Active interaction with the experts: another of the major advantages of training with Traininng is that the expert is always there to handhold the participant. The professional can raise any doubt in the training session and have it clarified, or can do so after the training is over. Traininng facilitates a high degree of participation and interaction at its training sessions. This is why our participants come back repeatedly for more.

Vast areas of training

Traininng offers professional training in a vast number of specialized areas. These are among the many areas on which Traininng offers learning:

  • Medical Devices
  • Drugs / Biologics
  • FDA Compliance
  • Computer Software
  • Food & Beverages
  • Quality Management
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Auditing, Accounting & Tax
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Environmental