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Traliant combines in-house legal expertise with modern, emotionally engaging course design to redefine compliance, training experiences and services. It helps thousands of organizations foster ethical, inclusive workplace cultures by addressing critical risk areas including sexual harassment training, diversity training, and code of conduct training. Traliant's innovative and interactive approach to learning can be easily customized into cost-effective solutions for clients to address their industry, branding, policies, and job-specific requirements. Leveraging its industry-leading LMS, the Traliant Learning Center stands out for its dynamic dashboards and robust reporting features, seamlessly delivering courses tailored to meet the evolving needs of organizations.

Traliant is reshaping the landscape of compliance training, ensuring organizations of all sizes have access to cutting-edge training solutions that contribute to creating better, more positive workplaces for everyone.

With Kantola and Clear Law now part of Traliant, the company strengthens its position in revolutionizing compliance training, offering organizations innovative, customizable solutions to foster ethical workplaces and ensure regulatory compliance, setting new standards for industry excellence and effectiveness.

Top Reasons Why Traliant:

  • Engaging courses with positive impact
    To us, brilliant means attention-grabbing, memorable, and effective. By combining the latest in learning innovation with film-studio scripting, acting, and production quality, we create training materials that make a demonstrable impact on retention and behavioral change.
  • Easy to tailor to every industry and any scale
    Training that is customized to your organization deepens employee engagement and helps learners feel like the materials are designed for their needs and interests. We can quickly and efficiently modify the compliance training course. From tailored video backgrounds to specific news stories and personalized Frequently Asked Questions (delivered via the “Viewer Email” segment), different elements of the course can be easily modified to exact requirements.
  • Reliable deployment, recording, and reporting
    With more than 3 million completions in a variety of environments, you can trust the reliability and scalability of Traliant’s industry-leading LMS—Traliant Learning Center. Designed for ease of use, administrators can schedule course deployments for an entire year in advance and automatically assign training to employees when they need to be recertified—all while monitoring learner progress with dynamic dashboards and reports.
  • Enabling every business to advance
    Traliant’s flexible, cost-effective compliance solution can help all organizations, regardless of size, meet their compliance training goals.

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