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The search for high-quality specialist knowledge is difficult and time-consuming. There are no uniform quality standards when it comes to studies, e-learning or services. This is where Treasurize comes in, offering proven expertise and providers. Highest quality standards and a smooth process are guaranteed.

Providing knowledge at the right time, in the right place, for people in a cost-efficient way. That is the mission. Behind it is the vision of Thorsten Mötje, the founder of Treasurize: to organize knowledge in this world and make it digitally accessible and usable for everyone.

Treasurize is the leading marketplace for knowledge and training.

More than 10,000 market and industry studies, 40,000 specialist book, more than 15,000 e-learning courses and almost 1,500 services and seminars - Treasurize is the largest provider of specialist knowledge in Germany.