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UMAMI as a term means the 5th taste which was discovered by Japanese scientist which describe a strong savory taste which is not sweet, sour, salty or bitter and that is exactly what we are professional in, we bring the 5th taste and maturity level of E-Learning by developing and engaging using multi-sensory inputs to make it interactive supported with resources to match learners needs and interest.Our happiness is to serve you the learning as your favorite meals to let you explore a new taste of learning, so we came up with UMAMI.

Our Vision: To lead the E-learning market by providing development in the form of contemporary technology that enables learners to place learning and development as a part of their digital daily life.

Our Mission: Providing high-quality E-learning solutions with fast delivery, more interactivity, affordable cost, wide flexibility, and huge capacity which ensure the opportunity of effective development for corporate, organizations, and individuals to learn anywhere any time. We are depending on professionalism, innovation, customer happiness, and customer social responsibility.


UMAMI is a leading service integrator which focuses exclusively on the provision of E-Learning solutions, predominantly to Healthcare, Oil/Gas Field, Banking/Finance Sector, Food & Beverage Academic Fields (Universities / Schools), and other industries as well.


Our Solutions include content design, interactive course production, interactive video production, gamification, animated video production, video-based courses, voice-over recording, interactive e-books production, online conferences, and learning management systems. 


Discover the Solutions UMAMI E-learning Solutions has to offer.