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With FLOWSPARKS we create FLOW: “Flexible Learning in an Online World”.

In doing so, we deploy all “SPARKS” to optimize the learning experience throughout the use of the
platform. These SPARKS that are contained in the very name FLOWSPARKS have been an
important development track since the inception of our platform, with which we aim to provide
“smart” support to end users with the help of “Artificial Intelligence” within our domain.

The FLOWSPARKS Group has many years of experience in the development of digital learning
modules. From this vision, a full-fledged FLOWSPARKS Suite has come into being. You can easily
develop interactive e-Learning by combining the Learning Formats, Smart Templates and Smart
Programs in the FLOWSPARKS Authoring Tool. Link this to our extensive Learning Management
System (LMS) and you have all the means you need to create the best possible digital learning
experience. Or choose the FastPass for those looking for smooth registration of visitors.
Furthermore, we guarantee the best possible support for every customer.




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