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28-ho Chervnya St, 44/24
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Verstiuk production is an animation studio, which creates custom marketing-oriented videos as well as e-learning videos for staff development, technology/software tutorials, how-to guides, and more.

Six years, 490+ clients, and 680+ videos later, we now have 20+ full-time experts, including illustrators, animators, project managers, a creative director, as well as sales & marketing specialists.

Our expertise covers both marketing and full-cycle video production - from raw ideas to publishing. We provide a wide variety of video production services: concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, editing, sound design, voice-over recording. Our videos are used by such companies as Samsung, Microsoft, Johnson-Johnson, UNSW, and many others.

Why should you entrust us to make the e-learning video for your company:

  • Our goal is to understand your product as profoundly as you do and transform this understanding into powerful video content that solves real business problems.We ensure the content we create is relevant and it provides a long-term viewership.
  • We don’t create art just for the sake of art: we treat video production as a design process. The animated videos we make are bright, captivative and pithy - to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning till the end.
  • The visual clues and accessible characters we create are designed to help the viewers to immerse easily into the subject and  make our videos be the most effective tool for scenario-based training.
  • Our responsible approach makes us provide value not just with the final videos, but with every interaction that we have with our clients in the process. By sharing expert advice and operating under clear terms we treat each client as our possible long-term partner and try to build strong relationships with them.

Verstiuk production delivers world-class results, by mixing your knowledge with our experience and transforming it into animated design.

Entrust us with the visualization of your educational concepts and let’s get started on an engagement experience together!


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