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Petach Tikva
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I am a professional voiceover talent, providing high-quality voiceovers for projects of all types, and specializing in e-learning with highly technical subject matter.

Originally from the mid-Western United States, I deliver voiceovers in accent-neutral American English (aka "General American"). I have been working in voiceovers since 2001.

Due to my background in hi-tech, I am able to deliver complex technical texts with confidence, comprehension, and ease.

That is not to say that voiceovers are delivered in a dry manner. With my extensive experience in dubbing, I have the acting chops to breathe life into otherwise dull scripts, to ensure listeners keep right on listening.

I record voiceovers in my fully equipped, professional home studio, and provide polished, finished work in various audio formats.

You can listen to an extended portfolio of voiceovers on my website.