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7-54/1, Bala Saraswathi Nagar, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, 500047 Mobile: +91 99663 21077
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Vishya is an edtech company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions across the corporate learning value chain. Our learning solutions are designed with innovative instructional methods, ensuring flexibility and personalization tailored to each learner's needs. By engaging with stakeholders, we deepen our understanding of diverse domains and technologies, enabling us to create relevant and impactful learning experiences.

We operate across five key areas: Content, Assessment, Delivery, Analytics, and Consulting. Our core team combines extensive technology and digital learning expertise with a strong drive to achieve exceptional results. We continuously learn from each new project, enriching our offerings and enhancing our capabilities.

Our success is further supported by experienced mentors who guide us at every step, ensuring we maintain the highest standards and deliver exceptional value to our clients.


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