Voice of George

George is a leading British voiceover artist who provides reliable, clean, non-patronising voiceovers for e-learning courses of any description.  No lofty bells and whistles, no false promises, just solid and consistent work. 

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Belle Vue
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Delivering a lovely British off-rp style, with a friendly and reassuring tone for just about a decade now, George values consistency and understanding highly in his business.

When your e-learning course development is a pipeline with multiple different creatives, all delivering important bits at different times, knowing exactly what you're getting, and when you're getting it, is a weight off any project manager's mind.

George has spent his career building meaningful partnerships with providers for mutual benefit. The more you work together, the better the understanding of each other becomes, and the smoother the process ends up being. Until after a few projects it's like working with a cloud. A speaking cloud. Weird simile.


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