My goal is to deliver enjoyable e-learning material. That means I find an authentic delivery, which my listeners can relate to, so that I step into the background and the course material comes to the fore. Students get exactly what they need!

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26134 Wood Chuck
San Antonio, TX
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(210) 364-1060

At VoiceoversbyCat, I deliver e-Learning content that captures and holds listeners' attention. My job is to convey your message, not distract from it, so I look for an authentic, relatable delivery, allowing students can focus on the material and come away educated, enriched, and satisfied.

My studio has state-of-the-art equipment, and I do all my own quality assurance, editing, post-production and mastering so that I can guarantee the finished product. With a warm, friendly, clear delivery style, I can glide from very formal to super-relaxed, depending on your audience and requirements. Producing audio quickly and effectively, I’m easy to work with and eager to craft my recording until it matches your vision!