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Voices Direct is an affiliation company with BlackBox Voice Productions with an expanding talent portfolio of voice artists based in Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and the USA.

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Voices Direct is an affiliation company with BlackBox Voice Productions. We are an experienced team of  audio production and voiceover specialists with a focus on creating high quality audio for the eLearning industry.

As a leading audio content provider, we audition, cast and book talent. We produce and direct voiceover sessions. We record, edit, mix, process and deliver on time, every time.

Based throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the USA, all the voice artists are freelance and have their own studios set up for recording via Skype and/or Source Connect, state-of-the-art software which allows us to remote record voice artists anywhere on the planet in real time, High Definition audio.

Audition our ever expanding talent portfolio of professional voice artists 24 / 7 via our casting websites:



We’re really looking forward to quoting on the audio production for your next eLearning extravaganza.