voices from lsware

Lisa S. Ware - here to help bring your projects to life! Powerful, perceptive, & playful, her voice is a dichotomy of serious & fun. Paired with impeccable business and technical skills, you are assured of quality narration on time and in budget.

Founded in
15 Cedar Mountain Road
Contact details
(828) 391-9110

Lisa S. Ware, aka voices from lsware, is a life long learner and lover of wisdom. An experienced narrator, she has loads of knowledge in the following fields, to name a few:

  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Financial (Stock Market/Lending)
  • IT/Computer Technology
  • Medical

With a scientific mind and a deep creative streak, she can handle projects large and small on any number of topics. Lisa can split your files and name them as desired. Recording is done from her dedicated, treated home studio. Reach out with any questions, for a quote, or for a sample read. She can even help with editing or copywriting if needed. Lisa is always happy to help!