Jerrod is trusted to transform… words into a living, breathing project; a character description into a three-dimensional character that your audience can connect with. Your source for voiceover / voice acting you can trust!

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Visalia Ct
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Dynamic, Versatile, Professional Voice Actor

Whether you're looking for the conversational, believable guy next door or a fresh take on an out of the box character read, Jerrod's voice is what you are looking for. He has voiced everything from National TV spots with professional commercial reads to IVR for bi-coastal companies to unique characters for animated projects.

Jerrod brings a wealth of versatility to the table. With a natural age range of late '20s to mid-'40s, Jerrod's dynamic male voice brings a textured, energetic flair to your project. He has a natural guy next door feel that creates a sense of trust with your audience base. Years of improv and acting experience have allowed Jerrod to build up a multitude of three-dimensional characters. From the standard Southern Redneck Twang to the Mid-West to the New York East Coast to the California Surfer Dude, he can hone in the right type of character to bring some life to your read. Jerrod has, and continues to, study with some of the best in the business such as Richard Horvitz, MJ Lallo, Pat Fraley and more!

With a background in the technical / IT field, medical field and business fields, Jerrod can handle even the most complicated technical reads to ensure the proper message and tone is conveyed and delivered.

Jerrod's voice is a natural fit for all types of Commercials, Characters, Audio Books, Infomercials, Interactive Gaming, Corporate Presentations, Training, IVR Phone Holds/Telephone, Tutorials, TV/Radio, narration, and more!