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If you are starting an eLearning, micro-leaerning, or online course project for the first time, or you have been at it for years, you are most likely aware of how stressful, time intensive and expensive it can be. This is exactly why we started VP Legacies.

At VP Legacies, we alleviate stress, save you money and help you gain your time back with a turnkey A to Z customer eLearning and micro-learning solution. We take care of every step of the process from idea inception all the way through delivering your courses and training to your learners. We are your guide. We aren't consultants. Our team is filled with the top eLearning and micro-learning business strategists in the industry.

Therefore, we help you implement every step of the eLearning and micro-learning process and teach you along the way. Read further to hear about the roots of VP Legacies.

The foundation of VP Legacies® is friendship and genuine relationships. Our founders became friends at the University of Denver. Today our clients say we are their long-term trusted partner for building personal connections to attract and retain learners. Our vision is to create a world where people aren't afraid to personally connect. We do this by focusing on custom eLearning development, and specifically micro-learning.

We are obsessed with the relationship between your content and your learners. This is because your learners, aka your target audience is the most important piece of the micro-learning pie. Everyone, young and old have short attention spans, therefore, as micro-learning experts we help you create strong relationships with your target market by serving up content exactly how your learners want it - micro. Now we help individuals and companies launch their courses 7X faster with quality micro-learning content production and create 50% higher learner engagement than their industry.


Discover the Solutions VP Legacies | Micro-learning Experts has to offer.