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Beautiful voices for eLearning.

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WellSaid is the easiest way to add voice narration to your eLearning productions. The WellSaid TTS service produces the most human-sounding voices, giving you scalability without sacrificing quality.

Create engaging and modern learning experiences using AI to add voice.

Text-to-speech that sounds human
Every eLearning Developer deserves a voice. Choose from our library of AI voices to create TTS content in real-time, with human pitch, emphasis, and intonation. Whether it be an audiobook, explainer video, or lecture — tell your story with WellSaid Labs.

With WellSaid you can:

  • Scale content production. One voice, able to be produced by many, in seconds.
  • Create content on-demand. Iterate on scripts and update content instantly.
  • Control audio quality and consistency across content libraries and regularly updated assets.
  • Optimize voice production workflows.
  • Eliminate time and costs associated with finding talent, post-production and recording equipment.

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