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With Open Minds serves as a platform for imbibing knowledge about 360 degree development of concepts that enrich the learners’ mind & equips them in a professional environment.

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The With Open Mind Story
It takes a great amount of resources, money, time and dedication to attain quality learning. The most important of these however, is the willingness to proceed, that is, owning an open mind. If the mind is closed or unsure about the endeavour, learning will appear to be a daunting task. With an open mind however, one can learn a new language or learn to drive a car with ease, even at the age of 60!

In launching the With Open Minds portal, our aim was to provide an ecosystem that brings about this openness in the mind of our users (both individuals and groups) so as to enable them to imbibe the range of knowledge available through our courses

For this purpose, we launched With Open Minds portal as a dedicated place for learning for both individual learners and institutions or groups. With Open Minds serves as a platform for imbibing knowledge about a variety of topics such as learning new languages, improving soft skills, understanding financial procedures and other concepts that enrich the learners’ mind and equips them to work better in a professional environment. A complete service is provided by offering a reliable learning management system within the portal, thus eliminating the need for investing in a separate platform.

The range of courses fall in the topics such as:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Performance Management System
  3. Compliance
  4. Management
  5. Finance
  6. Sales
  7. Employee Health And Safety
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Microsoft Bundle
  10. Quality Management
  11. Hr

and many more..