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XanEdu provides easy and immediate digital, mobile and print solutions that support a plethora of benefits including security, customization, and cost reduction. We help learners all over the nation from the beginning of their journey in higher education to their transition into the corporate workforce.

On the corporate learning and development side, we take pride in our Nimble Platform which allows corporate trainers to take their training binders digital and mobile, without reauthoring. There are a number of built-in benefits of the platform including heightened security, interactivity and multimedia inclusion, and varying delivery options.

On the higher education side since 2000, XanEdu has been working diligently to reduce the cost of course materials while simultaneously offering faculty a custom option to develop materials that parallel course objectives. We have helped hundreds of colleges and universities in the nation to reduce course materials costs, meanwhile improving student outcomes.

Whether you are in higher education and seeking a custom digital and mobile solution for course materials, or are in the corporate world aiming to improve the retention of your employees through proper ongoing training and performance support, XanEdu can help. Find out how XanEdu can help you today by visiting our website or reaching out on social media.


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