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Climb the professional ladder with skill training from the stalwarts in the field.

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ZeoLearn is a platform offering hands-on training and immersive project-based learning from the best professionals in the field in an interactive virtual classroom. The platform provides help even after courses are done so that a portfolio can be built instead of just getting a certificate.

The really creative part of the courses is how interactive they are, following learning-by-doing method. Instead of learning from video tutorials (like many other online learning platforms), students get live interaction with their teachers, who have years of industry experience and expertise.

ZeoLearn is positioned to help professionals. The training courses are led by a live instructor, who assists students through a live coding experience. Instead of just listening to a lecture, students can learn by doing with ZeoLearn's unique hands-on training. Students also get a real interactive experience by working with their instructor on developing a "mini-project".

Immersive Sessions:
You don't just learn online, you get to build things alongside your mentor. It's an interactive, immersive, hands-on classroom experience with ZeoLearn.

Get Mentored By Bigshots:
Learn from the best in the field and we are not just saying that. Your mentors are all experienced professionals in the fields they teach.

Building Your Portfolio:
ZeoLearn doesn't believe in just training you and leaving you be. The mentors will help you build a portfolio and help you with setbacks even after you’ve finished learning.


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