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What is 7taps Microlearning?

7taps is a free, web-based tool to create, deliver, and track microlearning experiences. You’ve never created mobile-first learning nuggets faster! 

Like you, we got tired of struggling with complicated eLearning platforms. Like your learners, we’ve had enough of clicking “Next” to continue. So, we made something better for all the parties involved.

With 7taps, creating content is a breeze. Get started right away in your browser, no technical background needed. Everything is pre-designed for you and the tool assists in making your content stylish. Users say that it takes about 30 minutes from discovering the tool to having their first 7taps ready. 

7taps Microlearning is organized so that learners can access content in one click — no download, signup, or tutorial needed. 

Whether you are new to the instructional design field or you are seasoned L&D professional, 7taps saves your time and nerves. Start with 7taps forever-free Community Edition and try it yourself!

Overview of 7taps Microlearning benefits

Smooth educator experience
No installations. 20 seconds to sign up online and you’re all set. 

7taps is exceptionally easy to use
You need neither a technical background nor weeks spent learning the tool. Get started right away. 

No extra graphic design jobs
Pick one of the pre-made themes or create your own branded one in a minute. No need to customize content for different screens; we guarantee that it will look great on any device.

Uncompromised mobility
No more 16:9 “PowerPoint” canvas. 7taps content is born mobile while adaptive to desktop.

Smooth learner experience
No apps, no downloads, no sign-ups. Learners dive into a course in one click and start learning immediately in a story format that is familiar to them.


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