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What is Acadly?

Acadly helps professors engage students during lectures, and capture attendance at the tap of a button.

A key highlight of Acadly is its unique mesh-network based automatic attendance technology. It discovers students in your proximity instantly using nothing but the mobile devices used by professors and students, and has been used in classrooms with over 400 students.

It is completely free for higher education professors and students, and helps classrooms save thousands of dollars per semester on alternatives like clickers and polling apps.

Other key features include polls, quizzes, Word Clouds and student-led Q&A. It supports crucial features like the ability to insert LaTeX expressions, images and attachments, and places practically no limits on the size of the classroom. 

Acadly's paid enterprise version includes an LMS plugin which helps universities integrate the platform with their IT infrastructure. This LMS plugin works with LTI-compliant LMSs like Blackboard and Canvas.

The enterprise version of Acadly includes a Learning Analytics and Student Success dashboard that helps administrators identify at-risk students early into the academic term.

Overview of Acadly benefits

The key benefits of Acadly for professors include:

  • Automating attendance recording using a unique mesh-network based technology with best-in-class accuracy and speed
  • Boosting interactivity inside and outside the classroom with activities such as polls, quizzes and word clouds
  • Huge savings of up to $3,000 per semester for professors and students with best-in-class features that are free for individual classrooms
  • Making class communication simpler with features like messaging, announcements and more
  • Reducing the complexity of the technology stack with features that encompass both in-class and pre-class tasks like communication, class interactivity and attendance automation
  • Helping students track their class performance along crucial parameters like engagement, communication, and attendance

Acadly's enterprise version includes an LMS plugin and helps administrators in the following ways:

  • Easy integration with LMS and VLE platforms like Blackboard and Canvas
  • Student success dashboard that helps universities identify at-risk students early into the academic term
  • Administrative dashboard to automate tasks like course creation and data exports

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