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Accurate Legal Billing

ALB is a unique AI-enabled legal billing software enhanced with features that allow firms to prepare and submit invoices that are entirely compliant with their clients’ billing guidelines.

Who Uses This Software?

ALB Is The World’s First AI-powered Time Entry Cleansing Platform That Intelligently And Automatically Processes Timekeepers’ Entries, So They Conform To E-billing Guidelines Allowing Law Firms To Achieve Time-entry 100% Compliance With Client SLAS.

  • Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Small/Medium Businesses
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Self-Hosted Cloud-based
  • Self-Hosted System
  • Software as a Service / Cloud
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Documentation
  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Online Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • 24/7
  • Business Hours
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Knowledge Base
  • Live Online
  • Online Community
  • Phone
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