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What is Aduro?

ADURO is a cloud-based wellness program management solution designed to help enterprises across various industries, including healthcare, transportation, financial, education, manufacturing, and government, improve employee well-being. The platform comes with a Wellmetrics module, which allows managers to create personalized performance profiles based on biometric screenings and assessments.

ADURO includes a flourishing index, which enables organizations to gain visibility into various factors including life satisfaction, mental/physical health, social relationships, financial stability, and character, in order to measure employee development in their personal and work life. The solution offers a host of features such as single sign-on (SSO), email campaigns, data management, an interactive dashboard, group sessions, webinars, and more. The built-in communication module lets enterprises send SMS, email alerts, and push notifications to employees about assessments.

ADURO allows businesses to gain insight into employees’ strengths and weaknesses, growth opportunities, and more, via customizable assessments and performance reports. Plus, it supports integration with various data systems, assessment modules, and electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Overview of Aduro benefits

Aduro is a leader in well-being and performance that uses a science-based approach to unlock human potential in the workplace. Through expert coaching and technology, Aduro delivers a connected experience that supports the whole person across all aspects of life. Aduro's Human Performance approach maximizes an employee's well-being and human development, which translates into higher organizational performance.

We’re all about inspiring people to discover new possibilities in their work and life. It’s who we are for our clients and it’s who we are for each other – creating a culture where amazing people connect, grow and flourish.

Each of us is evolving and growing – pursuing new possibilities in our lives – and our culture reflects that. The values resonate for each of us in unique ways.


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