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  • Education Management
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Supported Specifications
  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is Aedu - School Management Software?

School Management Software also known as a ERP, provides an environment where teachers, management, and students can correlate perfectly to get better services. ERP develops a supper education community and aims to offer quality education to students. It also provides a great platform for faculty members to give teaching and learning services.

With the use of ERP, teachers were able to maximize the amount of education provided to the students previously. Teachers now don’t need to indulge themselves in stationary work, preparation of report cards, and many more activities. As all of these jobs are automated and stored securely on the Cloud. Faculty members can now share information and data online.

ERP promotes paperless learning, which leads to protecting the environment to a larger extent. Now with this, students don’t have to write down on pages; rather, they can learn from the notes shared to them. All their data remains secured on the Cloud, and they can have access to it whenever required.

Overview of Aedu - School Management Software benefits

Aedu School Management Software Benefits:

  • Experience a Productivity Hike
  • Easy Communication
  • Blessing to Parents
  • Paperless Management
  • Increase in Enrollment
  • Cost of Communication
  • Less Workload More Innovation
  • A Boon for Small Schools


The School Management System with ERP software makes it all easy. Now all the data of the students and the school activities get secured on the cloud and could be accessed whenever required. The software will also allow efficient usage of the resources available with the school, which will lead to an increase in productivity. The ERP software will also help in bridging the communication gap between the students, teachers, and parents. This leads to transparency, security, and informative management of school activities.  


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