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What is AgilityPortal?

Deploying AgilityPortal helps companies drive engagement, boost productivity & streamline operations.

Unite your workforce and redefine how your company communicates and works with a complete employee hub.

AgilityPortal is a cloud intranet out-of-the-box solution that comes with preconfigured settings and modules, that is ready in minutes and it doesn’t require any technical IT knowledge or skills.  It's based on Intranet as a Service model with full-featured digital workplace with everything your employees need to efficiently reinforce corporate culture. 

No more time wasted in acquiring that needed information, sample way to communicate to employees. Here is the modern employee intranet solution with all the tools your business needs to thrive.

Overview of AgilityPortal benefits

AgilityPortal is an all-in-one people platform that modernise your workforce. It's designed for engaging your workforce to connect, communicate, and collaborate with your employees. The average employee spends an estimated 30 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information across siloed applications. Build an intelligent workplace where remote teams connect and collaborate at any time, securely and productively from home, the office, or on the road.  Find out more about AgilityPortal Made with ❤️ in the UK.

Feed is an employee intranet where the team can safely and conveniently post content and share ideas. Content that can be attached to Feed posts includes graphics, surveys, and written feedback. Use the like button to show acknowledgment and appreciation. Posting and interacting on Feed helps support employee engagement while improving workplace morale.

Trending Topics lists hashtags included in posts shared on Feed, giving insight into the team's current focus. Favourite a hashtag to keep up with developments of the trend.

AgilityPortal makes your files easily available to the teams that need them, on the mobile devices they always have with them.



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