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What is Constructor Virtual Lab?

A Robust Solution for Corporate Training.

Constructor is not just another corporate LMS. It’s an integrated corporate training platform for every aspect of your business. Educate employees online, faster and more efficiently. Intelligently simplify, automate and optimize all learning processes in your organization.
Create courses online, encourage active learning and boost course completion rates. Train your employees in an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly environment.

Reach all types of learners and adapt to their needs by offering personalized, interactive and hands-on training to increase knowledge and promote information retention. Whether you’re an educational institution or a business, you can create and publish your courses easily, quickly and efficiently. Through integrated Active Learning, Constructor’s platform enables users to learn by interacting and engaging while safely practicing process application, optimizing decision-making patterns. 

Overview of Constructor Virtual Lab benefits

How Can Alemira Support Your Company’s Training Needs?

  • Employee training 
    Develop training courses with intuitive interfaces.
    Recognize trainee progress with online assessments and rewards.
    Simplify corporate trainings for employees, accessing the Constructor platform from any browser, any time
  • Expand your clients’s reach 
    - Turn your customers into product advocates with the right training solution
    - Create unique content with the built-in editor and set your customers apart
    - Give your customers a chance to access their LMS from any device, making content available from anywhere
  • Partner training 
    - Build courses designed to train partners, simplifying online trainings for a more streamlined communication
    - Equip partners with up-to-date knowledge on your products and services with active and engaging content
    - Align your company’s vision with your partners through routine trainings with the latest company insights



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