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What is ApplicantStack?

ApplicantStack is an online applicant tracking and onboarding software system that provides businesses and agencies of all sizes a better way to recruit, screen, and hire new employees. It makes use of the latest technologies available, eliminating paperwork and other manual tasks that tend to bog down the recruitment and onboarding process.

ApplicantStack is built on the expertise of HR professionals, developers, and recruiters who aim to bring innovative human resources technology to businesses of all sizes. Since its introduction in 2009, it quickly became one of the fastest growing HR products in the marketplace and has received one of the highest ratings for applicant tracking systems.

Overview of ApplicantStack benefits

ApplicantStack provides an easy to use platform for users to create job listings that can be posted on custom-built job boards created by the platform itself, ensuring better visibility for the listing while retaining the company’s identity. It also makes it easy to share any listing published in the platform to other venues such as social media sites and job pages for greater visibility, so that the company can attract qualified talent.

Users also can create questionnaires or sort through resumes and cover letters easily to find qualified candidates through preset keywords highlighted by the platform. This enables recruiters to review application content in a more in depth but simplified manner to better identify potential candidates for a position in the workplace. As each application progresses or otherwise in the recruitment process, the system provides an easy to use interface that enables users to move them quickly in the recruitment ladder.


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