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What is Apploi?

Apploi is a high volume recruitment platform designed to streamline the hiring process. Healthcare companies can easily reach candidates through job postings shared across multiple job boards with just one click. They can easily review, filter, communicate with, and on-board applicants with user friendly and automated features.

Every future begins with a great teacher.
At Apploi, our approach to philanthropy is close to home. We are committed to ensuring that schools everywhere have the best tools to optimize their recruiting efforts.

Since 2019, Apploi is proud to be partnering with schools across the country and equipping them with our innovative recruitment product suite at no cost. We aim to enable each educational institution with the best hiring practices utilized by some of the finest corporations.

If your school, or a school you know, would like to learn how Apploi can assist with bringing talent and resources to your school, please fill in the form on the right.

Overview of Apploi benefits

Recruitment Marketing:

Intelligently automate job postings across 50+ job boards & social sites with just one click

1-click Apply directly from job boards with automated screening

Boost jobs from within Apploi onto many websites and track performance

Branded Jobs & Career Pages:

Integrates with your website and marketing campaigns
Mobile-perfect jobs landing pages to best reach & convert your target candidates.

Perfectly designed application to drive conversion – 87% average
Provide easy ways (Hiring Cards, Snapcodes & QR codes) to capture candidates offline.

Text & email candidates without leaving the platform, taking advantage of pre-set message templates.

Candidate Tracking:
Stay on top of all your recruitment activity with detailed tracking for each candidate.


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